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Russian Union of Industialists and Entrepreneurs


Committees & Commissions


  • Committee on Taxation Policy
  • Committee on Private Property
  • Committee on Competition Development
  • Committee on Industrial Policies
  • Committee on Corporate Relations
  • Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility and Demographic Policies
  • Committee on Labour Market and Social Partnership
  • Committee on Technical Regulation, Standardization and Conformity Assessment
  • Committee on Innovation Policies and Innovative Entrepreneurship
  • Committee on Energy Policy and Efficiency
  • Committee on Environment Management
  • Committee on Industrial Security
  • Committee on International Cooperation
  • Committee on Integration, Trade and Customs Policy and WTO
  • Committee on Optimization of Control and Monitoring and Removing Administrative Barriers
  • Committee on PPP and Investment Policies
  • Committee on Vocational Training and Qualifications
  • Committee on the Development of Pension Systems and Social Insurance
  • Committee on Exhibitions


  • Commission по Professional Standards
  • Commission on Transportation and Transport Infrastructure
  • Commission on Metals and Mining
  • Commission on Forestry and Silviculture
  • Commission on Power Engineering
  • Commission on Financial Markets
  • Commission on Banks and Banking
  • Commission on Machine Manufacturing
  • Commission on the Military Industrial Complex
  • Commission on Chemical Industry
  • Commission on Light and Textile Industries
  • Commission on Public Utility
  • Commission on the Agricultural Complex
  • Commission on Fishing Industry and Aquaculture
  • Commission on Construction
  • Commission on Housing
  • Commission on Telecommunications and IT
  • Commission on Healthcare
  • Commission on Trade and Consumer Markets
  • Commission on Tourism and Hospitality
  • Commission on Pharmaceuticals and Medical Industry
  • Commission on Insurance