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22 January

Launch of the ILO Global Commission Report on the Future of Work

We would like to notify you of an important event ahead: the Launch of the ILO Global Commission Report on the Future of Work on 22 January 2019. This event will mark the official start of the ILO Centenary year.

The Co-Chairs of the Global Commission, Mr Cyril Ramaphosa (President of the Republic of South Africa) and Mr Stefan Löfven (Prime Minister of Sweden) will be present to launch this report produced by the commission after 15 months of examination of the future of work. The report identifies key issues and challenges of the future of work and outlines concrete actions to provide decent and sustainable work opportunities in light of the changing realities in the world of work. It will serve as the basis for the 2019 International Labour Conference discussion on the future of work in the so-called “Committee of the Whole”.

Mr Mthunzi Mdwaba, IOE Vice President for the ILO representing the Employers’ Group and ex officio member of the Global Commission, will be present at this event to share his perspective on the report. He will highlight which recommendations for action can be followed by the employers, as well as those that will be more difficult to achieve or even unsustainable.

We will inform you in due course of any developments and will share with you our views and Mr Mdwaba’s detailed position before 22 January 2019.

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