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Interview with RSPP President Dr. Alexander Shokhin on the Argentinian B20 presidency achievements 3 October 2018

- Dr. Shokhin, good afternoon! What are the priorities of the Argentinian B20 and G20 presidencies from the point of view of global business?

- The Argentinian Presidency is steering the B20 work with professionalism and leadership. The B20 fundamental priorities, in particular on financing growth, trade and investment, developing infrastructure, fighting corruption, constituted the core of the agenda, new areas of cooperation included sustainable food systems. It`s not a surprise: the agricultural sector comprises a significant share of Argentina`s economy. We had a productive cooperation with the Argentinian B20 presidency – RSPP organized the B20 Regional Consultation Forum in the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF). We discussed with the B20 partners the digitalization and the future of labour markets. We hope that the dialogue with partners from Japan and Saudi Arabia that take over B20 future presidencies will also be constructive.

- What B20 recommendations of this year are the mostly important for business and societies?

- There are a lot of recommendations, but I would like to highlight four of them. On trade and investment, business proposes to join efforts to elaborate international rules for digital trade and e-commerce, to strengthen the WTO system and to address a crisis in the WTO Dispute Settlement Body. To promote long-term investment in infrastructure we believe it`s necessary to advance the public-private partnerships` mechanisms. For the Russian economy the B20 proposal on the circular economy is of crucial importance. Digital economy development requires that the governments and businesses should promote holistic approach to cybersecurity risks management. The B20 proposes to promote an alignment between governments and companies on a globally accepted risk-based, principles-based for cyber risks that enhances the cyber resilience and stability of different industries. The RSPP supports this work.

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