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RSPP President Alexander Shokhin participated in the B20, BIAC, OECD roundtable on financing SMEs in global value chains31 May 2016

In his statement Alexander Shokhin emphasized the G20 actions to support SMEs, particularly in access to finance and integration in global value chains. Alexander Shokhin said that despite some progress the G20 should build continuity and keep on delivering because both SMEs and GVCs are drivers of economic growth.

According to RSPP President, in Russia the SMEs contribution to the GDP amounts to 20%, they employ up to 25% and objective is to double these indicators. To achieve this, a number of development institutions have been established, the Russian Government has taken measures to facilitate access of SMEs to the procurement made by state-owned companies, including by setting the share of SMEs in this kind of procurement at 18% annually.

In conclusion Alexander Shokhin emphasized that GVCs support innovative growth through transfer of technologies, know-hows and skills and all stakeholders win, both SMEs, transnational companies (TNC), and the states.

The roundtable was one of the second joint B20 taskforces meeting events held in Paris on May 31, 2016. During the meeting the participants discussed the recommendations to the G20 leaders to be finalized for the G20 summit in Hangzhou in September this year.

B20 meeting programme

Alexander Shokhin`s talking points

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