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B20 Documents


Argentinian presidency, 2018

Business 20 Summit (Buenos Aires, Argentina), 4-5 October 2018. Communiqué
(in English)

B20 Recommendations (Policy Papers) for the G20 leaders, September 2018
Financing Growth & Infrastructure (in English)

Digital Economy & Industry 4.0 (in English)

Employment & Education (in English)

Energy, Resource Efficiency & Sustainability (in English)

Integrity & Compliance (in English)

Sustainable Food System (in English)

SMEs Development (in English)

Trade & Investment (in English)

B20 Statement for the 3rd G20 Sherpa Meeting, 8 September 2018 (in English)

B20 & T20 Joint Statement on Sustainable Food Future, September 2018 (in English)

W20, Y20 & B20 Joint Statement “Education: The True Enabler of Equal Opportunities”, September 2018 (in English)

Joint B20-L20 Statement towards the G20 Labor and Employment Ministers Meeting, September 2018 (in English)

B20 & C20 Joint Statement “Implementation of National Anticorruption Strategies”, 28 June 2018 (in English)


B20 Statement on the 11th Ministerial Conference of the World Trade Organization (MC11) outcomes (in English)

German presidency, 2017

Joint B20 Statement for the G20 summit “B20 Calling for International Cooperation to Shape an Interconnected World”, July 2017 (in English)

Preliminary G20 Summit Evaluation. G20 Germany – Hamburg Leaders’ Declaration ‘Shaping an Interconnected World’ (in English)

B20 Recommendations Summary (in English)

B20 Trade & Investment Policy Paper (in English)

B20 Energy, Climate & Resource Efficiency Policy Paper (in English)

B20 Financing Growth & Infrastructure Policy Paper (in English)

B20 Digitalization Policy Paper (in English)

B20 Employment and Education Policy Paper (in English)

B20 Responsible Business Conduct & Anti-Corruption Policy Paper (in English)

B20 Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Policy Paper (in English)

B20, C20, L20, T20, W20, Y20, F20 Statement on the Withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement (in English)

B20 Recommendations on the Implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (in English)

B20-L20 Statement, 18 May 2017 (in English)

B20 Evaluation of G20 Digital Economy Ministerial Declaration (in English)

B20 Joint Statement: Digitalization for All (in English)

B20 Evaluation of the Baden-Baden Communiqué of the G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors (in English)

B20, C20 and T20 Climate and Energy Working Groups: Statement for a sustainable energy transition, 21 March 2017 (in English)

G20 Engagement Groups: Statement for Open and Inclusive Societies, February 2017 (in English)

B20 Statement for Open Markets and Inclusive Growth, 9 December 2016 (in English)

Chinese presidency, 2016

B20 2016 Policy Recommendations to the G20 (in English)

Turkey presidency, 2015

B20 Policy Achievements. Assessment of Alignment with the Antalya G20 Leader s’ Communique (in English)

Key Messages and Summary of B20 Recommendations to the G20 (in English)

Responding to the “three I’s” – B20 Policy Proposals to the G20 (in English)

Recommendation Development Process (in English)

B20 Policy Papers

B20 Trade Taskforce Policy Paper (in English)

B20 Financing Growth Taskforce Policy Paper (in English)

B20 Infrastructure and Investment Taskforce Policy Paper (in English)

B20 Employment Taskforce Policy Paper (in English)

B20 Anti-Corruption Taskforce Policy Paper (in English)

B20 SMEs and Entrepreneurship Taskforce Policy Paper (in English)

B20 Digital Economy (in English)

Other materials

B20-L20 Statement (in English)

Business Access to Global Value Chains and SME Financing (B20-BIAC publication) (in English)

B20 Energy Forum Statement (in English)

B20 Governance and Sustainability Theme Policy Summary (in English)

Australian presidency, 2014

Driving Growth and Jobs B20 Policy Recommendations to the G20, June 2014 (in English)

Russian presidency, 2013

Key final documents of the B20 Russian presidency (in English)

Full B20 and G20 documents database at the RANEPA Center for International Institutions Research (CIIR) web-site: https://www.ranepa.ru/eng/ciir-ranepa/ciir/objectives