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Russian Union of Industialists and Entrepreneurs


Goals & Functions


ICCI’s main goal is coordination of Russian and international market players actions on improving the conditions for doing business in Russia. ICCI also supports Russian companies in their investment and trade activities abroad. ICCI collaborates closely with the business associations acting in Russia but doesn’t replace or prevail on them.

Main areas of work

Technical regulation and licensing
General issues concerning investment
Customs control
Addressing overregulation of business activities
Capital markets
Investment in Russian regions
Council members` areas of interest

The establishment of the ICCI allowed consolidating the platforms for discussion on the key issues concerning investment climate in Russia. The ICCI serves as a key partner for the Russian Government in discussing international companies’ activities in Russia.

To achieve its strategic goals the ICCI carries out the following functions:

  • Elaborates proposals to strengthen business-government cooperation mechanisms in economic and trade spheres;
  • Supports its members in implementation their business strategies in economic and trade activities, including investment, in Russia;
  • Contributes to the creation of necessary conditions for growth and diversification of economic and trade activities in Russia, and favorable investment reputation of Russia abroad;
  • Participates in international trade and economic regulatory framework development;
  • Develops proposals aimed at encouraging Russian and international companies’ business initiatives;
  • Promotes information sharing in the area of investment in Russia;
  • Elaborates measures to improve investment practices and standards in the Russian market;
  • Presents the consolidated positions of the Council members to the government authorities and international non-government organisations;
  • Stimulates intergovernmental dialogue on the Council’s areas of work;
  • Promotes collaboration between the Council members and the RSPP bodies;
  • Supports its members in establishment and development of economic, investment, scientific and technical cooperation with Russian companies and other institutions
  • Generalizes its members proposals in accordance with the RSPP position on trade and economic relations and business climate improvement;
  • Provides information on trade, economic and investment legislation and lawmaking activities in Russia and its regions;
  • Organizes business visits of its members to Russian regions;
  • Participates in organizing exhibitions, workshops, conferences and other events initiated by its members.