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BIAC Contribution to OECD Initiative “New Approaches to Economic Challenges” (NAEC)

Business and Industry Advisory (BIAC) participates in a multi-stakeholder working group, chaired by the OECD Secretary-General, which provides a platform to discuss the substance of the OECD initiative on “New Approaches to Economic Challenges” (NAEC) and the draft papers developed by the Secretariat.

On March 2015, BIAC released its comments on the NAEC Synthesis Report.

BIAC five overarching recommendations for the OECD Ministerial Council Meeting (MCM) in line of the NAEC include:

1. Address investment protectionism in global markets and build the enabling environment for investment, at local levels and across borders, including a consistent international tax regime.
2. Develop evidence on behind-the-border barriers to trade, including restrictions on cross-border data flows, localization barriers, and also services restrictions, and show their negative effects on job creation and growth.
3. Create integrated policies across sectors that foster innovation and support sustainable growth and employment in the digital economy.
4. Support alignment of policies to foster innovation and investment opportunities for the transition to a low-carbon economy.
5. Provide the policy conditions and dialogue processes to mobilize private investment and financing in developing countries.

The OECD initiative on “New Approaches to Economic Challenges” (NAEC) was launched at the 2012 OECD Ministerial Council Meeting (MCM). NAEC seeks to incorporate multidimensionality into policy design, by helping countries identify trade-offs, complementarities and unintended consequences of policy choices. It also analyses the factors that prevented authorities from identifying and addressing the accumulated tensions, regulatory failures and global imbalances.

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BIAC Comments to NAEC Synthesis Report