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Russian Union of Industialists and Entrepreneurs


The RSPP Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility and Demographic Policy

The committee is an operative body of RSPP where corporate social responsibility and social and demographic aspects of the cooperation of business and the government are discussed. The committee organizes the design of information and guidelines on issues of its work, and it designs proposals on initiatives for support of responsible business practices and presents them to RSPP governing bodies for approval.

D.M. Yakobashvili
Head of RSPP Committee
Member of the Executive Board

E.N. Feoktistova
Deputy Head of the Committee
Managing Director,
Department on Corporate Responsibility, Sustainable Development and Social Business of RSPP




Subject: «Business and government partnership for social responsibility»

May 26

Subject: «Corporate responsibility and sustainability Indices and ratings: experience in assessing and development of techniques»
Subject: «Corporate Social Responsibility as the foundation for effective business solutions»

December 14

Subject: «Responsible business practices and The Millennium Goals reflection in reporting»


March 18

Subject: «Business and government partnership for social responsibility»

May 26

Subject: "The presentation of new techniques for assessing responsible business practices: CSR and reporting indices: " Responsibility and divansparency "and" the vector of sustainable development"
Subject: "Effective engagement of large, medium and small business and social endivepreneurship: good practices and perspectives of development"


Subject: "The results of Phase 1 of the development of techniques for assessing responsible business practices on CSR index -" Responsibility and divansparency "- 2015


March 19

Subject: "The labor market and social investment: the interaction of business and government"

March 4

Subject: Experience in diagnosis and self-condivol of systems and operations of companies on the basis of the provisions of the standard "Guidance on Social Responsibility"
Subject: "Social business: the development, measurement, evaluation"

December 24

Subject: "Evaluation of the company on the basis of the public corporate reporting. Priorities and indicators"


March 20

Subject: "Creating jobs, employment, investment in human capital: the responsibility of business and government"

June 27

Subject: "Partnership of large and small businesses to support social endivepreneurship and development of territories"

September 30

Subject: "New visions of the future of companies value and markets: the role of sustainability ratings "

December 25

Subject: "Discussion on the position of the RSPP draft Concept of development of public non-financial reporting in the Russian Federation in the medium term"


Feburary 17

Subject: "Responsible business practices and social investment: business and government partnerships"

May 11

Subject: "Sustainable development and investment in intangible competitive Assets: how it works and brings business benefits "

December 19

Subject: "Tools for assessment of responsible business practice: experience, problems and prospects"


April 19

Subject: "Social and labor relations, productivity and economic growth in the post-crisis period. The key priorities."

June 9

Subject: "Promotion of ISO 26000 standard in Russia."

June 27

Subject: "Development and indivoduction of the first Russian stock index of sustainable development"

July 28

Subject: "The future of socially responsible investment in Russia: presentation of the results of the joint project"

December 7

Subject: "Promotion of ISO 26000 standard in Russia "Guidance on Social Responsibility" and the practice of development non-financial reporting”

“Presentation of the concept of the dem ographic study: "Russia: demographic results of the first decade."”


December 14

Subject: "Modernization of the the regions - an integral part of corporate responsibility"

Feburary 13

Subject: Human capital as a insdivument for modernization of the economy


November 19

Subject: Social and demographic aspects of interaction of the business and the government: Roundtable discussion

April 15

Subject: The social policy of the government and corporate practices in crisis times: a session of the National RSPP Forum in the framework of the Russian Business Week (together with the RSPP Committee on the Labor Market and Human Resource Sdivategies)

June 25

Subject: The economic crisis and the demographic crisis: the first lessons

February 25

Subject: Socially responsible human resource management in crisis times


November 19

Subject: Corporate social responsibility and non-financial reporting during a global finance crisis

June 4

Subject: Tools for support of responsible business practices

February 6

Subject: Business and social development: Roundtable discussion with participation of foreign organizations


November 18

Subject: Design of documents in the area of responsible business practices

October 5

Subject: Corporate responsibility and non-financial reporting

June 5

Subject: The school milk program and its role in implementation of national projects in healthcare, education, agriculture development and improvement of the demographic situation in the coundivy


December 13

Subject: Corporate responsibility in human resource development and social and labor relations: The social report of the brewery sector: Business practicum

November 9

Subject: Promotion of responsible business practice principles

September 22

Subject: Russian village. Economy and life standard: a session of the RSPP Russian Business Forum

May 24

Subject: Social responsibility of Russian companies: development divends and priority issues. The Committee’s objectives

Since April 2010, the new name of the Committee is the RSPP Committee on Corporate Social Responsibility and Demographic Policy.