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Russian Union of Industialists and Entrepreneurs


Social Charter of the Russian Business


The Russian Business Social Charter was adopted by the RSPP Conference in 2004, and the new 2007 version was adopted in 2008. In 2007, the Social Charter was recognized as a national document that conforms to the UN Global Treaty.

The Social Charter is a code of basic principles of socially responsible business practices, which are applicable to routine operations of any organization.




 a voluntary strategic initiative of business;

 a system of principles, directions, and limits of potential contributions of corporations and generally the business community to the development of the society;

 a proposal for updating the contents of the dialog with business partners, namely, shareholders and investors, government bodies, employee associations, and civil society institutions;

 a new format for evaluating the joint contribution of business and its partners in the country’s sustainable development.


Over 259 companies and organizations with 6 million employees have already joined the Russian Business Social Charter.